Welcome to MindDaddy.com

The first thing I would like to tell you is to not believe a single word on this website.

I don’t want you to buy anything I say.

I say this, because I am going to be using words to convey thoughts, and often they can be misinterpreted.

So instead of believing every word, use your own intelligence to decode the message.

If it resonates with you, continue reading. If not, I encourage you to move on.

Why I created MindDaddy?

Simply because I felt inspired.

May be you will find some nuggets here that will help you in your life.

May be your life will be a little better, or a lot better.

I don’t know exactly how the information on this website will benefit you.

But if you hang around for long enough, you will find out.

A Promise

The only thing I can assure you is that I will be sincere.

That I will never mislead you.

I will never take advantage of you.

I will only share what I feel has value.

And most important of all, I will treat you like my own.

Love. Peace. Wisdom.

-Sumit Sharma

Founder & Author of MindDaddy.com